About us

My little brother and I Hi! I'm Ashley and I'm the owner of The Faded Sunflower! As an active duty Sailor in the U.S. Navy I get to travel all around the world and see and experience so many different cultures. I have always loved crafting, art, painting, and creating my own clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Although my duties in the Navy keep me busy, the traveling is kind of like a treasure hunt! Whenever I can, I collect items that can be incorporated into my jewelry and clothing designs making each one a unique piece of art. I am proud to serve my country and also to design the most unique and beautiful items for my customers. Thank you for considering my shop for your Boho clothing and accessory items.
I began by making jewelry, rompers, and dresses for my shipmates. While stationed in Japan, I started collecting lace and creating dresses from the beautiful lace and gorgeous fabrics (not to mention the amazing beads, crystals and other embellishments) offered all over Japan. One of my shipmates announced her upcoming wedding, but was unable to find a dress in Japan that she could fit into. Well, I decided to try my hand at creating a wedding dress and the rest is history! I wasn't able to really get into creating wedding gowns until I moved back to the states, but it is my favorite part of what I do. I am often given pictures of dresses my friends find in magazines, but can't afford. I recreate them as close as possible. Now, I am contacted by friends and family members of shipmates all over that want me to create their gowns or other apparel for weddings. I have 2 friends that help me with beading and embroidery and also extra sewing when things get busy. While the rest of my buddies are out partying, I'm usually at home on the sewing machine! I wouldn't have it any other way though.
I am honored that you're considering me for such an important and special event. I promise I'll work hard to deliver the exact dress you dream of!